Home Health Care For Wounds

Proper cleaning and caring of wounds is essential for them to heal. Should you or a loved one develop a wound that needs care beyond what you can give, you may want to consider the assistance of home health care.

Wounds That May Need Special Care

Any wound that needs to be monitored by a professional, requires deep cleaning, and requires being bandaged by a professional may require the services of home health care. It isn't reasonable for you or your loved one to go to the doctor's office on a daily basis for these services. In particular, wounds that require special care are:

  • Bedsores or pressure wounds
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Surgical wounds
  • Wounds from radiation
  • Sores that the patient can't reach but are in need of treatment

What to Expect from Home Health Care

The thought of someone coming into your home to clean and tend to a wound can be a bit frightening. You are probably already sore or in pain, and may be feeling apprehensive about someone making matters worse. Knowing what to expect can help ease some of your anxiousness.

Home health care workers are professionally trained medical providers. You may have a nurse or certified nursing assistant come to your home. The exact treatment will, of course, depend on your wound. Here are some basics that home health care provides to wound patients:

  • Your attending professional will take your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.
  • Depending on your doctor's orders, they may discuss nutrition with you. Proper nutrition is necessary for proper healing of wounds. They may be able to recommend foods that can help promote healing.
  • They will talk to you about your wound and ask about pain or discomfort, and any changes you may have experienced.
  • The actual wound treatment will be dependent upon the wound itself. Your health care worker will do all they can to keep your comfortable while tending to the wound.
  • Your professional will check for any infection. Should there be infection, they will work with you and your doctor to help resolve the problem.
  • Your home health care worker will likely report your progress to your physician.

The goal of having wounds treated by a home health care provider is to get you healed while making the process as easy as possible for you.

Having home health care doesn't mean that you won't have to still see your doctor. It does, however, mean that you will be well cared for in-between your doctor's appointments. 

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