3 Signs That Your Loved One Might Benefit From Home Care

Assisted living, in the form of home care, allows your elderly loved one to get the assistance that they need from professionals to do everyday tasks, take care of medical needs and more, while still living in their own home. The only problem is that in most cases, your loved one won't think to make the transition to assisted living, since they have been living on their own for their entire life. This is why it is so important that you recognize the signs that home care may be just what the doctor ordered. In order to help out your loved one and put them in a safer and healthier situation, read this guide, which outlines a few of these major signs. 

Sign #1: You Notice That Your Loved One Is Sundowning 

Medical professionals describe Sundowner Syndrome as a situation where a person becomes stressed and aggravated as the day begins to come to an end. This is actually an Alzheimer's symptom, and can lead to some scary situations if your loved one does not have a capable caretaker in the home who is able to calm them down and help to "center" them, during one of these episodes. 

Sign #2: You Notice Driving Related Problems

When you stop by to visit your loved one, make a point to check out the condition of their vehicle, or ask them about their recent driving experiences. If you begin to notice things like scratches and dents in their vehicle, it can be indicative of degradation of motor skills, which can lead to serious accidents on the road. You need to be vigilant about making sure that they do not drive if they exhibit these signs, because it can put their life and the lives of many other people on the road at risk. 

Sign #3: You Notice That Their Diet Is Slipping

If your loved one is forgetting to eat, or that they don't properly stock their home with food, it is definitely a sign that home care may be in order. A telltale sign of this situation is that food in their home always tends to go bad without being eaten. A home care professional will be able to help stock their refrigerator and even cook, so that your loved one gets nutritious and delicious meals every single day. 

Consider these very critical signs, and touch base with a home care company, like Connecting Hearts Home Care, in your area for further questions or concerns.