Ways To Assist Your Elderly Loved One If They Have Mobility Issues And Take Medication Daily

If your elderly grandparent will be moving in with you this summer and they have limited mobility and are required to take medication for high blood pressure, you may be worried about leaving them home for long lengths of time when you need to be at your job. The following tips will ease your mind while ensuring that your loved one remains safe.

Home Health Aide

Interview several home health aides and choose one who has a flexible schedule and pleasant personality. Allow the health aide to spend time with you and your grandparent so that they get to know both of you in depth and your family member will be more at ease when they are spending time with them.

Prepare a schedule for the aide, concerning your grandparent's hobbies, dietary needs, and the types of medication that need to be administered daily. While the aide is caring for your grandparent, make impromptu phone calls or visits to your home to check on your family member's well-being.

Community Center

Contact a local community center to inquire about activities for retired citizens. Many centers offer workshops and recreational activities that will allow older citizens to get out and mingle with their peers. A community center will have staff on hand that can help your grandparent get around and dispense medication as needed.

If a public transportation company provides handicapped vehicles to community members, arrange a time for them to send a driver to pick your loved one up from your home. If your grandparent utilizes a wheelchair or cane to get around, they will be provided with ample space in the vehicle to stow their belongings while they are being transported. 

Safety Devices

Install safety rails along the walls in your home and inside of the tub or shower stall and a ramp near the front and back porch to your home so that your grandparent can maneuver through your home or head outdoors without being likely to encounter a fall. 

Purchase a personal alert band or necklace for your loved one to wear while they are moving about the property. If an accident were to occur or if your family member feels tired or sick, they can press the button to alert you. An alert band or necklace can also be programmed to contact a central emergency business so that an ambulance will be dispatched to your home during occasions that you are not at home and your grandparent is in need of help immediately. 

Contact senior care services for more information.