How Dementia Care Helps A Person Retain Some Independence

Dementia isn't a disease in and of itself but a symptom of various conditions, such as Alzheimer's. However, its development can be very upsetting because it may cause a formerly independent person living alone to feel unable to take care of themselves and lost. Thankfully, dementia care in the home can provide this person with the help that they need to be as independent as possible.

Why Dementia is So Damaging

When a person lives alone and has adapted to taking care of themselves in their own way, the impact of dementia can be surprisingly high. For example, a person may start to forget important tasks that they would have otherwise remembered, such as taking out the garbage, paying their taxes, or taking their medications. And this dementia may also rob them of a sense of independence that they find so important.

That's because people who have dementia may start to lose their confidence in themselves due to their loss of cognitive strength. Being unable to remember how to tie shoes, operate a microwave, or dress in the morning may make a person feel like a child that needs to be taken care of and unable to stay independent. However, dementia care professionals can help a person live at home for as long as possible in this upsetting situation.

How Dementia Care Can Help

Dementia care professionals have been trained to handle the unique challenges created by dementia. For example, they know how to diagnose what type of dementia from which a person may suffer and how to fill in the gaps in their memory. This process includes assessing what a person can and cannot do and creating a care plant hat ensures all of their needs are properly met, no matter what the case.

These care options include providing a person with help getting ready for the day, assistance with day-to-day chores – such as preparing food and doing their laundry – and even helping them with memory issues. In many cases, mental exercises and even physical therapy may help a person with dementia recover some of their cognitive skills and prevent their condition from worsening over time.

As a result, a person's capabilities and strengths may increase, and their ability to handle daily tasks improves. While dementia care cannot cure this condition, it can help minimize its impact as much as possible and help a person retain their strengths in many different areas.

Dementia care can be an extremely difficult process to do on your own. Contact a local care expert to find out how you can benefit from help.