In-Home Nursing: Is This Right For Your Loved One?

In-home nursing can be the solution you need to help your loved one feel comfortable and confident at home. When your loved one continues to decline and be unable to care for themselves, it places the burden on you and other family members to provide them with what they need. How can you help your loved one remain at home but stay safe while doing it? In-home nursing care may be the solution you're looking for.

Is in-home nursing right for your loved one? This care can be done on a full- or part-time basis. Learn if this is the type of care your loved one needs by using this guide. You can also discuss your concerns about your loved one's health with their doctor.

Your loved one needs constant care or supervision

If your loved one requires constant care or supervision because they suffer from dementia or other memory loss, then it's wise to consider in-home nursing for their needs. This can especially be the case if you and your other family members have a hard time filling in the necessary supervision roles that your loved one needs. Since you can hire in-home nursing for the hours that you or others cannot be there for your loved one, such as nights or weekends, you can feel like your loved one is getting the care they need all the time.

Your loved one has medical or physical needs you cannot meet

It's hard to meet all the needs of your loved one if they have special medical or physical needs you don't have the professional skill to offer. For example, does your loved one need a regular insulin injection you don't know how to perform? Do they have special feeding needs? Is your loved one in need of physical therapy or other types of therapy? If this is the case, it's best to hire a medical professional who can work with them to help them get the ongoing care they wouldn't get otherwise.

In-home nursing can allow you to learn more about how to care for your loved one as well. Temporary in-home nursing services can be used to meet the medical and physical needs of your loved one until they are able to take better care of themselves or you can learn enough to feel confident taking over and caring for your loved one on your own as well.

You can interview several in-home nursing facilities before picking the services that are right for your loved one's needs. Over time, their health may require that they need more full-time services, which you can have provided for them through the same company.