Have a Home Health Aide Help Your Elderly Parent with These Balance-Building Activities

When an elderly person begins to lose his or her balance, it can be a threat to health and independent living. If you have a parent who lives on their own, it's likely that he or she wants to maintain this living environment for as long as possible. An effective way to bolster this independence is to talk to your parent about hiring a home health aide. This regular visitor can provide health services in the house to allow your parent to live comfortably at home. [Read More]

Two Common Myths About In-Home Care Debunked

Individuals that have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a serious injury or have started to develop health problems as they age may benefit from working with in-home care providers. These care providers can help individuals by offering a range of services to help them to continue being able to live in their own home despite their medical problems. However, if you have limited experience with these service providers, you may be under the belief that the following couple of misconceptions about these services are true. [Read More]